Medication Myths Debunked: Why Medication Can Help You Get Through Tough Times

If you have been told a number of times that you should consider medication to treat your mental health but you have been resistant, you are not alone. Many people believe that if they begin taking medication for mental health, they are giving in and not trying hard enough to overcome their symptoms. Medication used correctly is a tool that can help you get your life back, yet many people equate medication for mental health with weakness. Read More 

2 Lessons You Can Learn Through Equine Therapy

Caring for your mental health is essential when it comes to maintaining a balanced life. Counseling services can be beneficial when it comes to overcoming mental obstacles, and opting to work with a mental health professional that practices equine therapy can be especially helpful. Here are two lessons that you will be able to learn from the horses used during equine therapy sessions, and some simple ways these lessons can be incorporated into your life in the future. Read More 

3 Types Of Children That May Benefit From Pediatric Speech Therapy

Pediatric speech therapists are there to help your children not only learn how to pronounce their words properly, but also to help them learn to communicate. These are critical skills that can help your child to be successful in future schooling, as well as life in general. While any child with speech issues may benefit from seeing a speech therapist, there are certain children that may benefit even more than the average child. Read More 

How Counseling Can Help A Hoarder Break His Or Her Habits

If you have a friend who hoards, you may have a lot of concerns about the safety of his or her home. Hoarding is a problem for many people, but it is not something most people can easily stop, and this is because it is typically a symptom of a deeper issue. If you can convince your friend to seek help from a counselor, he or she might finally be able to find out what is causing this problem, and this could be the first step to helping get this person's house cleaned up. Read More 

3 Tips For Repairing A Marriage After An Affair

Discovering that your spouse has been unfaithful can be heartbreaking and feel like the ultimate form of betrayal. Some marriages do not survive after an extramarital affair while other couples choose to work hard to repair the foundation of their marriage after one person has cheated. If you have recently found out that your spouse has been unfaithful, but you want to try to rebuild your marriage, use the following tips:  Read More