What Can You Learn To Do In Couples Teletherapy?

Couples teletherapy is a way to work on your relationship with the help of a counselor through remote counseling sessions. People who engage in teletherapy will receive the same quality of care as people who choose to attend therapy in person. Many people find this form of counseling more comfortable and convenient. Here are four things you can learn to do in couples teletherapy:  1. Prioritize your relationship. When life gets hectic, many things may fall to the wayside. Read More 

Mental Health Therapy: Why It’s Essential

Mental health awareness is something this nation is starting to give more priority to, and for good reason. In the US alone, around 20% of adults have some sort of mental illness. It's important to receive mental health therapy if you believe you have problems with your own mental health, or to have services given to family members who you believe have mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, bipolar conditions, or even narcissism and other illnesses. Read More