Tips For Using Ketamine Therapy To Treat Depression

If you suffer from depression, ketamine therapy might be something you will want to explore. Taking this step can be a major step toward treating your depression, and you're likely looking for some device. These are all practical tips that can help you with using ketamine therapy to treat depression.

Consider the Benefits of Ketamine Therapy for Depression

Ketamine therapy is used for a variety of different purposes, including preparing a person for surgery. However, it's also actually a popular choice for treating depression. It's beneficial for many, since some find that it's the only effective treatment option they have tried. If you have treatment-resistant depression, ketamine therapy could be the solution that you have been hoping for.

Try Other Methods First

Of course, ketamine isn't the only treatment option for depression. In fact, it's not usually the first treatment option that is tried. If you haven't worked with a healthcare professional to medically manage your depression, it's worth it to consider other treatment options that they recommend first. However, if you and your doctor decide that ketamine therapy will be more effective for you, then you should definitely consider trying this treatment option.

Seek Treatment Under the Supervision of a Doctor

Some people are able to purchase ketamine "on the streets," although it's a controlled substance. This can be very dangerous to do, and you also have to worry about legal issues, too. Instead, to stay safe and within the confines of the law, it's best to seek treatment under the supervision of a doctor. If you aren't sure of who can help you with this, ask your primary care doctor or therapist, and they may be able to provide some recommendations.

Consider Different Methods of Using Ketamine

Ketamine is administered in different ways. IV therapy is common. However, for the treatment of depression, many doctors recommend ketamine inhalers. Your doctor can help you determine which method is best for you, but feel free to voice your preferences to your doctor, which can help them make the right overall decision for you.

Be Patient

Some notice an improvement in their depression-related symptoms very quickly after undergoing ketamine treatment for the first time. However, this is not the case for everyone, and it's possible that it will take a few treatments before you start seeing results.

Combine With Other Treatment Methods

Lastly, make sure you combine ketamine therapy with other treatment methods. Exercising, going to counseling, making sure you're getting enough sleep, and following other steps can help with depression and help you be as safe and healthy as possible while you're undergoing ketamine therapy treatments.