Why Counseling For Alcohol Is Important

When you are an alcoholic, living a regular life seems impossible. Unlike drugs, alcohol is readily available and legal to purchase, and you run into opportunities to drink all the time. You can get a drink at your local bar, a friend's house, or even at a restaurant, and when you're trying to quit drinking to better your life, the alcohol is around you everywhere you turn. In order to fully quit drinking, you need to understand why you drink in the first place and learn ways to cope with your addiction. Read More 

4 Play Therapy Techniques To Help Understand Your Child’s Needs

Children under nine can't always convey what they're going through verbally, and sometimes therapists aren't always equipped to help children. This is where play therapy comes in. Sometimes young children do best expressing their vantage point trough play therapy. If you're undergoing family therapy, these techniques can help you to include your little one. 1. Worry Can This play therapy technique has your child create a resealable can with a slot in the top. Read More