Withdrawal Symtpoms After Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine, typically just called meth, is a serious drug that can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms. Dependency is a serious problem for those with meth addiction. Even if somebody tries to stop using meth, you may continue to struggle with the signs of withdrawal, which often leads to further substance use.

The symptoms of meth withdrawal can differ from person to person. This timeline lends some insight into what it is like to detox from meth.

Meth Withdrawal - First Days

For the first two days, you may experience many symptoms of meth withdrawal. This feels like crashing, and the symptoms can start when you first stop using meth. You may feel that you no longer have energy, and you may feel that your way of thinking changes. This is often exacerbated by stomach cramps, nausea, and general discomfort.

Meth Withdrawal - First Week

In the first weeks of meth withdrawal, you may feel your symptoms worsen. During this time, you might experience a lot of depression and anxiety. Many people begin to feel exhausted, especially with other symptoms that emerge, including aching muscles and shaking. They also have intense, growing cravings to use meth.

Meth Withdrawal - First Month

In the next few weeks, you may experience some changes in your physical symptoms. While you may no longer feel physically ill, this does not mean that you are not craving the drug intensely anymore. You may also find yourself still feeling exhausted, listless, depressed, and anxious.

Meth Withdrawal - After the First Month

While you may no longer feel immediately ill at this point, it does not mean you no longer have symptoms of withdrawal. It also does not mean there is no chance of relapse. While symptoms may continue to fade, your anxiety and depression may increase during this time. It is often during these times that people want to self-medicate with substances, especially if these mental health concerns were one reason to use substances in the first place.

What Is the Best Way to Quit Using Meth?

Medical detox is the safest and most effective way to treat withdrawal symptoms associated with meth.  Medical detox involves monitoring of treatment and vital signs. After detox, patients attend counseling and other treatments to maintain their sobriety.

Are you interested in changing your life? Do you want to stop using meth, or know somebody who is dealing with substance abuse issues? Make an appointment with a professional today to learn more about drug detoxification.